We hold in prayer:

Family and Friends of Mike Dalton, Roger W, Ken D, Sarajane W, Todd S, Rose W, Phillip G, Marlin & Julia S, Phillip G, Ann K, Ambrose N, Bernie A, Debbie R, Dave S, Ted R, Kyle F, Melody B, Dennis H, Nelson H, Ronnie N, Barry N, Carol R, Debbie R, Kristina S, Kris S, Gary S, Nancy & John W, Jasmine W, Eunice S, Marilyn G, Allen & Mary Lou N, Ruth T …

For friends and family affected by COVID-19, especially all healthcare workers,

first responders, and essential workers. For friends and family who are struggling with unemployment or underemployment, isolation, and depression. For all affected by natural disasters,warfare, and violence. For all serving in the armed forces and public office.